The Great Ride North

My riding partner and friend Dana Fahey and I took off on what would end up being the motorcycle ride of a lifetime for both of us. We rode North. Way far North. The photos on this page were taken by Dana and I.

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August 15 - September 5, 2009

We rode some dirt                                        ..and some asphalt.

We had some good weather and some bad.

We camped                                                ...and stayed in hotels:

Enjoyed all kinds of food:

We rode clean bikes and dirty ones:

..kept ‘em up

..and laid ‘em down.

We visited roadhouses                                  ...and glaciers.

We met other adventurer riders.

We crossed borders                                   ...and bridges as we came to them:

We saw some beautiful sights.

But mostly, we did this:

We rode our BMW motorbikes all the way to the Arctic Circle and back. 3 weeks, 9000 miles, no major incidents or breakdowns, and we’re still friends!