I left Santa Maria on the BMW R1200GS motorcycle on Tuesday, August 7 2012 for a tour through the Northwest. 5000 miles, 15 days, 7 states, 2 Canadian provinces,  and 2 BMW motorcycle rallies. I rode the last 2000 miles with a failed and leaking oil pressure switch, and a failed clutch microswitch on the bike, but other than that no mechanical issues. Well, almost no other issues. I did manage to break the power cable to my GPS on the last day, but the mighty Red Sonja hung on and brought me home safely once again. There were lots of fires in the Northwest this time, but the weather was good for the majority of the trip. There was some heat, wind and a little rain and hail and a lot of smoke around, but all quite tolerable with appropriate gear.

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Northwest Tour, 2012